Sunday, September 5, 2010


It's about time I had an "About" section on this blog, so here it is.

I'm Allie, and I live in the Berkshires in northwest MA.  For my day job, I'm a math professor.  But I also run a home-based bakery called Zucchero Dolce.  And, oh yeah, I teach fitness classes as well.

I bake all sorts of things (typically sweet), including lots of French desserts.  But I have a very big Italian family on my father's side, and consider myself more Italian than anything else, hence the name Zucchero Dolce, which means "Sweet Sugar."

I'm also a vegetarian, and I'm a lover of healthy foods (except for dessert of course!):  fruits, vegetables, and whole grains make me swoon.  I blog more about dessert, but you'll find some savory vegetarian recipes here as well.  You'll find some baked goods just for your lovable furry companions soon as well!

Oh, and here's my dog Tsuki and me:

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