Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Butterflies & Birthday Cakes

Wow, April has been a busy month, can't believe it's almost over.  Have you noticed how many birthdays there are in the last half of April and first weeks of May?  I swear there must be more Tauruses out there than other signs.  My birthday was this past weekend, and I'll have pictures and recipes up soon:  I made a raspberry ice cream cake and an almond cake with chocolate praline ganache filling and brown butter moscato d'Asti frosting.

In the meantime, however, here are some pictures of a cake I did for a client last week.  It's a simple chocolate cake with vanilla frosting.  The birthday girl's dad emailed me the next day to say that the kids wouldn't let him put the cake away, they just sat at the table and looked at it, kept smelling it.  So cute!

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  1. The cake you made for your birthday sounds great!

  2. Thanks - I'll put it up soon!